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Gauntlet Exotic Bullies in Nashville, Tennessee

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Standard of the Exotic Bully

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HEAD - Medium in length, with a broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop at 90 degrees, and high set ears.

  • FAULT - wrinkles on head, sloped top skull

EARS - Natural drop with small ears or cropped.

  • FAULT - Flat, prick, and wide ears  are dot desired
  • DQ - unilateral or bilateral deafness

EYES - Eye shape is oval to slightly roundish, and set far apart. Any color is acceptable except albinism. However, odd eyes (one dark, one blue or light) should be considered non preferred. Misshapen or bugged eyes are a serious fault. Lacking pigment around the eyes is undesirable.

  • FAULT - Bulging eyes, two different color eyes, blue eyes
  • DQ - Crossed eyes or non symmetrically shaped eyes, blindness one or oth not caused by injury

MUZZLE - Short blocky upper side or squared to fall away abruptly below eyes.

  • FAULT - snipey muzzle

LIPS - Semi close, very slight looseness but with no open hanging flews

JAWS - Pronounced jaws well defined. Under jaw to be wide and strong and having biting power.  Slight underbite is prefered.

  • FAULT - weak lower jaw

TEETH - scissor bite is prefered but slight undershot ite is accepted. The canines are wide apart. Incisors are in even level row. must have all teeth.

  • FAULT - rye bite, teeth or tounge showing when mouth is closed. overshot bite.
  • DQ - missing teeth

NOSE - all colors acceptable.

NECK - Heavy, slightly arched, tapering from shoulder to back of skull. Compact size should have minimal or no loose skin.

  • FAULT - neck to thin or weak

SHOULDERS - Strong and muscular with blade being set wide and far apart.

BACK - Fairly short back length, a slight sloping from withers to rump or straight accepted with gentle short slope at butt to base of tail, this is called the croup. The short back is preferred in the Exotic Bully.

  • FAULT - back length disproportionate to the height. 

BODY - The body should have well-sprung ribs, deep in rear and all ribs close together with the legs set rather wide apart to permit chest development. Chest should be deep and broad with muscular mass.

TAIL - short to medium in comparison to size, low set, tapering to a fine point. Short tails are accepted.

  • FAULT - Long tails over hocks, kinks and knots

FRONT LEGS - Heavy boned. The front legs are able to be slightly bowed. Upright pasterns.

  • FAULT - Feet that turn slightly outwards is accepted, weak pasterns, knots on elbows

FEET - moderate size and compact. slight turming outward up to 15 degrees is accepted.

  • FAULT - feet measuring between 15 - 45 degrees, or measuring 45 - 90 degrees
  • DQ - eyond 90 degrees

HINDQUARTERS -  are strong, muscular, and broad. The rump is well filled in on each side of the tail and deep from the pelvis to the crotch. The bone, angulation, and musculature of the hindquarters are in balance with the forequarters. The thighs are well developed with thick, easily discerned muscles. Viewed from the side, the hock joint is well bent and the rear pasterns are well let down and perpendicular to the ground. Viewed from the rear, the rear pasterns are straight and parallel to one another.

HINDLEGS - strong and large; slightly longer than the forelegs, which elevates the loin above the shoulders is acceptable.

  • FAULT - Narrow hindquarters; hindquarters shallow from pelvis to crotch; lack of muscle; straight or over angulated stifle joint, cow hocks, and sickle hoc.

GAIT - Should be effortless and powerful. The action must, however, be unrestrained, free and vigorous with powerful drive off the rear. Some paddling and lumber accepted. A bulldog “rolling” to the gait is acceptable. Regardless, the movement should appear efficient in motion.

COAT - Short, close to the body & soft to the touch, glossy and smooth

  • FAULT - curly hair
  • DQ - long coat

COLOR - All colors and patterns are accepted except for merle.

  • DQ - color merle

SIZE - Height and weight should be in proportion of the body frame.